Original song written by Connie Gjermundson. For additional songs and information on appearances contact Conniegjermundson@live.com

The personal trail of Singer/Songwriter/Musician Connie Gjermundson comes through her ranching family on the beautiful prairies of western North Dakota. Family roots – and experiences among the grass, livestock, fences, arenas and prairies there – enriched Connie’s youth and imbued her with their essences. She continues to gather nature’s inspiration and further free her musical expression through notes and words played and sung upon the land, in tandem with the wind.

Musically gifted since her early years, Connie says, “Life lessons, and the blessings I experienced raising four children, inspire me.” The songs of her soul explore a wide range of life experiences, and she feels blest when others tell her how the songs touch them. MUSIC is forever a healing force in Connie’s life.